Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cake Balls: Attempt #2

Ok, so I posted before about how I tried to make the coveted cake balls and that the consistency of the cake inside and that the candy coating just seemed to be off. The cake was too moist and mushy and quite frankly sickeningly sweet and that the coating texture was weird.

I gave the cake balls another shot and they turned out great. I made red velvet ones with a chocolate coating and a vanilla coating. The chocolate ones were better. This time, I used about 3/4 of the can of frosting. This made a HUGE difference in the taste and texture of the cake. I also changed the coating. Before, I used those candy melts that you can buy at the craft stores. This time, I used chocolate and vanilla almond bark that I bought at Walmart. I know the local grocery story sold barks as well though. I got the recipe from Bakerella.

I also made cheesecake balls. Incredibly easy. I got this recipe from Bakerella as well. She used a real cheese cake and honestly, I wish I had to, but I used a no bake cheese cake which seemed to work fine. I just think they would have tasted richer and more "cheesecakey" with a real cheese cake. On these, I used the same chocolate and vanilla coating but I added a twist. I used the leftover chocolate coating and added some raspberry extract to it and to the vanilla coating I added lemon extract. I then drizzled these on top of the cheese cake balls. I loved the added flavor. It also helped lighten up the heavy taste of the cheese cake and candy coating. They were delicious.

I got both recipes from Bakerella. Her creations are amazing and easy to follow.


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