Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Thanksgiving Menu In The Works

Every year since I've been cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my family in my home, my menu gets bigger and bigger. I think the first year I cooked it myself, we ate turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, roles and beans. And maybe gravy but that was it. Through the years, I've added things like carrots, deviled eggs, canned cranberry sauce and side dishes from Boston Market (hey, I'm not even joking when I tell you that their creamy spinach is to die for).

This year though, I feel like I need to step it up a notch.

I'm making turkey. Duh.

My stuffing is going to be amazing. I'm adding bacon to it this year. I make it with french baguettes, buttermilk, onions, celery and a few spices. I think the bacon is going to make it even yummier though.

Mashed potatoes at the begging of the hubs. But this year, I'm making them roasted garlic ones.

I will be baking home made bread, haven't decided which kind yet, in addition to the crescent roles.

Deviled eggs.

Green bean casserole.

I'm going to attempt a home made raspberry-cranberry sauce. I'll probably be the only one that even attempts it but I'm kinda excited about it.

Hopefully, by this time, I'll have had a chance to can some bread and butter pickles and be serving those as well.

But then I'm stuck. No one but me would eat sweet potatoes. So goes the beets. I want to make some really delicious dishes but am totally lost as to what I should cook. I'd never be able to convince any one to eat anything involving squash or brussel sprouts. I'd love to make a mashed cauliflower but I'm afraid the hubby will accidentally mistake if for the potatoes and accuse me of trying to kill him once he realizes what they really are.

I'm excited about the dessert. I can't give it away though just in case my husband reads this. I'd really like to wow him with what I'm going to make.

If any one has any amazing dishes though that they're planning to make or eat that I haven't listed, PLEASE share with me. I really want to make an amazing, show stopping kinda dinner this year and would like to make something unique and special. I'm open to any ideas.


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