Monday, August 15, 2011

Starting with the Basics

I almost titled this post "Back to the Basics" but I realized that there was no going back to anything for me. How could I return to the beginning of something that I never really started?

The first step in the process of embarking on an adventure or before you can explore something, you need to (should) prepare. The culinary world is HUGE (I mean, you can cook or eat just about anything, right?), so I need to prepare before I actually begging my exploration of it.

 I decided to start by browsing through a book that my little sister gave me. She studied Hospitality Management in college and was able to take some cooking classes. She gave me one of her text books. I don't know how in the world she carried it all over campus. I could knock some one out cold with this book. Its gigantic. Over 1400 pages of nothing but cooking and food. There are 37 chapters in this stinking thing, from food safety and sanitation to plate presentations to different kinds of food and flavors. The glossary alone is 24 pages long. 24 pages full of new words to learn. I haven't had to learn anything new in so long. The book intimidates me. But why explore if not to learn something new or to be challenged? What fun is life if you just stop using your mind, heart and soul after a few short years? Even though it intimidates me, I'm looking forward to learning from this book. I am grateful to my sister for being kind enough to just give me this very valuable tool. Maybe someday I'll be able to cook as well as she does...

I won't start any "complicated" dishes until I've used this book to attain knowledge (complicated being anything more difficult than Uncle Ben's microwaveable rice packets or steak ums). Once I feel that I have a firm enough grasp on some of the terms or techniques, I'll go ahead and start putting that knowledge to good use and will begin documenting what area I've "explored".

I've got a lot to learn. Be patient with me.


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