Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sprucin up some soft tacos with Pico De Gallo

Tacos are great for my family because they're versatile and you are allowed to be a little messy with them and since half of those of us eating at the table are 3 or under, messy is all we know. Plus, with the variety of toppings you can use or not use, its a good thing to feed kids and adults.

Tonight, we had soft tacos. I needed to use up a tomato in the fridge so I decided to make some pico de gallo. It was great because I got to use a spice I'd bought a year ago but never used as well as some fresh cilantro from my window herb garden.

The spice I used was purchased from a store in Pittsburgh called Pennsylvania Macaroni Co. It's located in the strip district, which is one of my favorite places to spend time in Pittsburgh. I miss shopping at the markets there so badly! Anyway... Its this great Italian market that sells their own pastas and breads and spices and herbs and all these great imported sauces and olive oils and a plethora of random groceries. Its fantastic. Anyway, that's where I bought this spice that you just mix into the tomato mix. The label says that all it is is chili peppers and salt. It had a slight kick but wasn't bad at all. It made a HUGE difference on the taco though. Also, the seasoning that I used for the tacos was a spice that I got from Penzeys Spices, also in the strip district of Pittsburgh. This particular blend is called the Original Taco Seasoning. It has ingredients such as Paprika, onion, garlic, cumin and much more. I have a ton of Penzeys spices. They're not cheap but they're amazing. I highly recommend them.

Pico De Gallo Ingredients:

1 whole beef steak tomato, chopped
1/2 onion, chopped
2 cloves of garlic, chopped
1 tsp chopped fresh cilantro
2 tsp olive oil
1 tsp pico de gallo spice mix
salt and pepper to taste

Taco Ingredients:

Seasoned, cooked ground beef
small corn tortillas, warmed
refried beans
sour cream
Mexican mix cheese
pico de gallo

They were delicious. I ate way too many. My husband just made a late night snack of nachos for himself with our leftover ingredients. I guess its safe to say that he liked it too. I loved being able to use fresh cilantro too. It being fresh, like I just pulled the leaves from the plant fresh, made a world of difference. The spice in the pico de gallo made a wonderful difference too with the small kick from the chili peppers. An excellent, easy meal.


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