Saturday, August 27, 2011

Home-Grown Happiness


I've wanted to start a veggie garden for a while so recently, I did. I didn't plant anything in the ground as we've been fixing the back yard. As this is the hubby's domain, I hadn't been given a designated spot to start planting yet so everything is in planters.

I started a window herb garden with basil, cilantro and chives. I have used my cilantro several times but I don't think the chives are ready yet and I'll be using some of the basil tonight for the first time. I'm pretty excited about it. Any time I'm standing at the sink washing dishes, I can smell the basil. Just the scent is mouthwatering.

The Tomatoes

Outside, I planted tomatoes (which had a rough time but are thriving and growing), beans, carrots, bell peppers and spinach. Everything is growing. The beans took off almost immediately. I'm just now seeing some of the shoots of the bell peppers and in all honesty, I can't remember which planter is which as far as the carrots and spinach go. I guess I'll find out eventually. I should have planted them much earlier in the year, and I don't even know if any of the plants will yield any fruit and veggies this year but I'm in the south and we have plenty of warm weather left in the year.

Cilantro and Chives

I've always had a black thumb. I planted over 12 different kinds of flowers and bushes this year. Every single one died. I followed the directions for each individual plant but have no idea what went wrong. Its not usually that bad but this year I was the kiss of death for my plants. I was incredibly excited though when all of my veggies and herbs that I've planted started and continued to grow. I'm really looking forward to using fresh produce that I don't have to go out and pay for. Half the time, I will be missing just one component of a recipe and its the veg and I just don't feel like going to the store to pick it up. I end up ruining the recipe or not doing it at all. Not worrying about pesticides and such is a plus too. Home-grown happiness is the best!

The Bean Plants

I'll post later what I used my basil for... if I don't manage to botch it some how ;)


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